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Strong partnerships can grow cricket faster. To make it work, we understand motivations so we can work in harmony. Arm yourself with the reach and resources of DCL that bring mutual success and create positive outcomes. Get smarter!

DCL provides an identifiable and verifiable advantage when you partner with us. In order for us to provide you with further details, we kindly ask you to contact us.

Clubs, Teams and Players
If you have interest in joining our league, please
  1. Join our DCL Facebook Group.
  2. Contact us with your information so we can provide you guidance based on your context.
  3. DCL uses WhatsApp as a Broadcasting Channel for important messages for instant delivery.
  4. DCL assigns a League Custodian for each team to ensure valid digital records.
To cricket players, we offer avenues to join existing teams that are open to take additional players. If you are a club executive, team manager or captain, you can register your club/team in DCL for the next season.
Cities, Parks and Recreation Officials
Is your city facing any of the questions or situations below?
  • Is cricket a new sport in your city? You need guidance, conduct a workshop or develop vision.
  • Or your city is having high demand for additional cricket fields? You need an authoritative point of view.
  • Or your city need guidance on how to maintain cricket fields?
  • Or your city aspires to add summer camp program for its community or kids?
  • or your city is struggling to govern cricket? It's too much fragmented.
  • Do you need a responsible and single entity to manage cricket fairly for everyone as per policies?

Well then you reached at the right place. DCL offers robust liability agreements that include medical insurance for players. The city is a party for such a coverage. DCL executes field-use agreements as per city policies and ordinances. Local teams can prefer games in their city to avoid driving to other cities or far distances. DCL is highly accountable and responsible entity. We operate in compliance as per grid information and make field and people safety as our top priority. We offer various models aligned with city's community values to organize cricket for all residents under our inclusive framework. We also conduct short cricket sessions for cities and schools to raise awareness, educate city officials, mayor and residents. Please contact us and we will assign a local trusted advisor and cricket evangelist to provide you guidance and choice model to expand as well as govern the portfolio of sports responsibly for cricket.

Cricket Academies, Organizers and Other Leagues
DCL organizes tournaments and cricket events in association with other leagues and organizers. It can be intercity or international tournaments, youth matches or charity related causes. Or events like seminars, training sessions, talent identification and claibration. We have a standardized playbook to conduct such events, lead and provide you guidance. We need atleast 4-6 weeks of advance notice to plan, generate interest and execute a jointly branded event with clear outcomes. Please contact us via email or through phone.
Sponsors, Vendors and Partners
Our cricket community is very strong and highly influential with interesting demographics and sizable economic clout in DFW and Texas. DCL also manages partnership with reliable vendors for cricketing gears used in our league. Connect with us whether you are looking for impactful sponsorship opportunities or meaningful partnerships that benefit our community. These possibilities can span from physical to digital. Please contact us via email or through phone. We will contact you for additional information regarding your offer/product/services/value preposition should we have any questions. Once, we have determined that you're a complementary addition, we will engage with you including joint pilots and collaborative campaigns.
Volunteers, Contributors and Supporters
We have plenty of opportunities if you are seeking to contribute as well as learn in a non-profit and fast pace environment. DCL welcomes the people of various backgrounds and skills such as bloggers, writers, photographers, speakers, artists, visual designers, web masters, technologists, app developers, executives and so on. We have lots of stories and opportunities to provide you a fulfilling avenue to use your skills, join our journey and take DCL to the next level for community cause linked with cricket. DCL functions in the spirit of cricket and highly appreciates as well as values all level of efforts. We will endorse you on LinkedIn, offer you an experience letter, a certificate or plaque to recognize each year of your service and contributions. This is good karmas, please feel free to connect with us! Be a karma millionaire!!
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